Our crane and rigging insurance specialists do the heavy lifting on risk management so that our clients don’t have to.

We help our crane and rigging clients carefully understand the complexities of their industry when it comes to insurance, risk management, claims management, and safety.

Often when we review policies written by a “generalist agency”, we see missing or inadequate coverage in the areas of mobile equipment, riggers liability, rented equipment and inland marine. We find that working with someone who understands the unique needs of the crane industry is the best way to be confident that your coverage will be there when you are forced to rely on it.

We spend significant time understanding
how our client’s operations work.  

We work with several special carrier backed programs set up just for crane and rigging clients. Once we find the best suitor for your company, we customize, negotiate, and place coverage.

Our risk management work for our crane and rigging clients never stops. We stay hands on throughout the year by proactively helping close out claims, reviewing OCIP programs, helping with audits, and providing safety training. Our agency becomes a partner to our crane in rigging clients, helping them keep their employees and equipment well protected.

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