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Here’s a Map of the Michigan Construction Projects in 2018

With spring on the horizon and summer following, construction season in Michigan will soon be underway and MDOT has released a list of all construction projects across metro Detroit and the state. You can check out the map by clicking here, or below, but there are several high-impact projects on the map. Those high-impact projects include: - I-696 reconstruction and resurfacing in Oakland and Macomb counties (projects 117 and 118 on the map) - The two-year I-96/I-196 overpass conversion project in Grand Rapids (136) - The two-year I-94 pavement repair project through Jackson (94) - 3 miles of I-69 reconstruction in Flint (104) - Various I-94 resurfacing and reconstruction projects, plus bridge improvements, throughout southwest Michigan (59, 64, 66, 68, 69, and 81) - The two-year US-2 bridge replacement project in Escanaba (8) - Multiple resurfacing projects along I-75 in the northern Lower Peninsula (14, 20, 21, and 109) To see a map of upcoming construction projects, click here!

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