Creating a Safety Culture

Employees in the manufacturing industry can be exposed to a number of hazards, such as falls, amputations and exposure to dangerous chemicals. In order to ensure the safety and productivity of your employees, and to remain in compliance with OSHA safety standards, it’s important to develop a safety culture in your workplace. Here are four steps you can take to ensure that safety is a top priority at your business: 1. Talk with your employees. Your employees may know more about the details of your workplace’s safety concerns than you do, so it’s important to get their feedback about what issues to address. 2. Never stop making safety evaluations. Because technology and procedures in manufacturing are always changing, new safety concerns can present themselves at any moment. 3. Create boundaries. Technology such as smartphones and other mobile devices can make it easier to communicate with your employees. However, you should communicate that employees always need to remain focused on the job at hand to avoid becoming distracted. 4. Back up your words with actions. Make sure that you and other upper-level employees are dedicated to safety and participate in safety programs along with other employees.

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