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Rental Car Rundown

Each year we have hundreds of clients ask our opinion about “rental car insurance”. Many clients have heard their credit cards carry additional insurance or that their personal or business insurance extends to the rental car. When we discuss rental car coverage we are concerned about two components. One being liability (damages caused to a third party) and the other being physical damage to the vehicle. The commercial insurance policy with hired/nonowned auto and some credit card supplementary coverages will provide good liability coverage for the use of your rental car. They may even cover some of the physical damages. However, there are many gaps created by not purchase physical damage for the rental. The rental car company may charge you substantially for their loss due to not being able to rent the vehicle. Or for “gap” insurance. As a result we recommend always purchasing physical damage insurance from the rental car company or online. Coverage for the vehicle can be found as cheaply as $6 per day online, but is almost always more expensive through the rental car company.

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